Writing a linkedin job summary

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How To Write A “Sticky” LinkedIn Profile Summary

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How to Structure Your LinkedIn Profile Summary

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These LinkedIn Summary Examples Will Make You Irresistible to Recruiters

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5 tips to bring your LinkedIn student profile to the next level

A time certified job search coach, master resume writer, LinkedIn expert, and former recruiter, Laura’s work has been featured in Forbes, video-accident.com, CareerBuilder, Wall Street Journal, Time, Denver Post, Chicago Tribune, and other media.

With a million things vying for your time, investing in writing a hit LinkedIn profile summary probably isn’t at the top of your list. After all, you’re a recruiter – not a professional writer. However, giving your profile summary some love is essential.

Your summary is a little different from your resume summary or overview. On LinkedIn, it’s a chance for you to stand out with a bit more of a story.

You can read mine here as an example: CLICK. However most people don’t set up their LinkedIn profiles properly so that they get found. Here are 7 tips for setting up your LinkedIn profile to ensure that your profile helps you to get found by employers and recruiters looking for engineers with your skills.


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Your title or headline on your LinkedIn profile has a huge impact on search results. 4 ways to write powerful LinkedIn job descriptions. By Louise Fletcher. That doesn’t mean unprofessional – but it does mean that you should write your LinkedIn job descriptions in the first person (“I”) and write as though you were speaking.

2. In summary. By following these four guidelines for every one of your LinkedIn job. How to write a LinkedIn summary that’ll land you a job Nail your tagline Located under your name, you’re given space to nail who you are/what you do in a sentence or short phrase.

Writing a linkedin job summary
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Writing a WOW LinkedIn Summary: How to Promote Your Brand and Market Yourself