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Clinical Psychology Review

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Vocational Behavior of Refugees: How Do Refugees Seek Employment, Overcome Work-related Challenges, and Navigate Their Careers? Journal of Vocational Behavior The early development of the normative mind Journal of Experimental Child Psychology.

The Journal of Applied Psychology emphasizes the publication of original investigations that contribute new knowledge and understanding to fields of applied psychology. The mission of the Academy of Management Journal is to publish empirical research that tests, extends, or builds management theory.

Psychological Review ® publishes articles that make important theoretical contributions to any area of scientific psychology, including systematic evaluation of alternative theories. Papers mainly focused on surveys of the literature, problems of method and design, or reports of empirical findings.

This page contains journals related to social psychology, personality psychology, and general psychology. For additional journal information, see.

Psychological Review

Acceptable Research Journals Accident, Analysis and Prevention Behavior Modification Behaviour Research and Therapy Biological Psychology Brain & Cognition Canadian Journal of Psychology Clinical Rehabilitation Development Psychology General Format for Journal Article Summary Top of Page – Bibliographic Information Your Name and Lab.

PsyArticles publishes articles and features with a focus on psychological research and theory. Fundamentals of Psychology by Michael Eysenck Aimed at those new to the subject, Fundamentals of Psychology is a clear and reader-friendly textbook that will help students explore and understand the essentials of psychology.

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Psychology journal summary
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