How to write a school policy on lice

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Head lice: Most-used treatments no longer very effective, scientists say

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Head lice: Most-used treatments no longer very effective, scientists say

Adult - Head lice spread easily and infestations often occur at all social and economic levels, especially among school children who are in close daily contact. At least 10 million children are infected each year. Infestations are called pediculosis, which is a communicable disease.

They vary in color from dirty white to reddish-brown to rust to. Attendance Expectations for GFSS - If your child is away, sick or has to leave early from school (or arrive late), please call the school in the morning or give your child a written note to give to the office explaining their a full day absence, the office needs to be notified either before or on the day of the absence.

Effective Head Lice Treatments

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If there is a head lice epidemic or breakout at your children’s school or elsewhere, then you should learn some basic measures to prevent its spread. With elementary school students back in class, more kids may be going home with itchy heads.

That's due to the lice that get spread by the head-to-head interactions that happen frequently enough.

How to prevent head lice after exposure & from spreading: 9 tips How to write a school policy on lice
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