Could you write a book on an ipad

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How I use the iPad as a serious writing system

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I moved unconscious this small factor though, jar happy to have something to do in. By purchasing the Apple Keyboard dock you can rotate the iPad in portrait or landscape mode through investing in a female to male 30 pin connector for $ The solid feel of the keyboard inspires one to write short and long reports and yes, even novels.

I can literally work anywhere without compromise, a powerful feature. I pair the iPad with a keyboard case to facilitate text entry.

I could forego the physical keyboard if I wanted to, I know some who do that regularly.

Using Your iPad for School

My writing projects can be 1, words so a real keyboard makes my work much easier. In theory, you can use the iPad as a tablet without removing it from its case.

Best iPad and iPhone book-reading apps you should be using in 2018

In practice, this doesn’t work well. It makes for an extremely thick device, it doesn’t fully sit flat and it. As long as you’re waiting for Momento to come out on the iPad, Chapters can be a worthy replacement (or if you neither want or need social media integration, it could be THE journaling app for you).

The Pages that is sold for use on the iPad for $10 is a light version of Pages (but anticipate upgrades in the near future) so you will not have all the bells and whistles of a full program. That being said you are still free to use the iPad to write your novel. I do most of my writing on my MacBook Pro, but on Friday set that aside to write on the iPad Pro.

I was out for dinner in the evening, so part of the writing was done in the office, part of it on the train there, which allowed me to kill two birds with one stone: assessing the portability of the device, and finding out how well the keyboard worked when used .

Could you write a book on an ipad
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