A summary of the island by gary paulsen

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The Island

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The Island Book Summary and Study Guide

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The Island Book Summary and Study Guide

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The Island is a book written by Gary Paulsen. It is about a boy named Wil Newton. Wil is a city boy that will soon be moving to the country. He is moving because his father has a new job with the State highway Department. He is always thinking about what he likes about Madison where he live.

Mar 01,  · The Island by Gary Paulsen is a book about a fifteen year old named Will and his discovery of an island right the the middle of Sucker Lake, which is located in northern Wisconsin.

The book starts off with Will receiving the news that he will be moving north because his father has found a new job and Will is very disappointed/5. In a milder variation on the theme of self-discovery through experience sounded in Hatchet (Newbery Honor, ), Wil spends a few solitary days on an island.

Please summarize The Island by Gary Paulsen.

This detailed literature summary also contains Related Titles on The Island by Gary Paulsen. Preview of The Island Summary: The Island is the story of a crucial summer in the life of fifteen-year-old Wil Neuton. Gary Paulsen Booklist Gary Paulsen Message Board Detailed plot synopsis reviews of The Island Fifteen-year-old Wil must move with his parents to a small rural town in Northern Wisconsin when his father transfers to a new job.

Gary Paulsen was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, where his extended family resided, to Oscar and Eunice H. (née Moen), Paulsen has two siblings: a full sister, Paulette, and a half-brother Bill, who was born to his father from a previous video-accident.comtion: Writer.

A summary of the island by gary paulsen
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