A summary of the book drivers ed by caroline cooney

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Driver's Ed Overview

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Driver's Ed by Caroline Cooney - Guided Question Response or Book Report Drivers' Ed. Classroom Websites Study tips Guided Reading No response This or that questions College Organization.

Summary Sixteen-year-old Jenna gets a job driving the elderly owner of a chain of successful shoe stores from Chicago to Texas to confront the son who is trying to force her to retire, and along the way Jenna hones her talents as a saleswoman and finds the strength to face her alcoholic father.

Emergency Room by Caroline B. Cooney Fan Page

This product contains a question exam over Driver's Ed (the novel by Caroline B. Cooney), a study guide for the exam, and an answer key for the exam.

The exam has 20 multiple choice questions, 12 true/false questions, 15 matching questions, 2 short answer, and 1 essay question. Drivers Ed is one of the many dramatic and impacting novels written by Caroline B.

Driver's Ed

Cooney. It basically talks about these ordinary and naive high school students in their driver's education class who eventually learn the importance of the class from a horrific and fatal event involving a few of their classmates that will change their lives forever/5(89).

A summary of the book drivers ed by caroline cooney
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Driver's Ed Overview